Projects: Experience the Difference

Building and renovation can seem like a daunting challenge. The project can easily go wrong if the proper company is not chosen. Four-week remodels turn into eight-month projects. New construction homes can quickly exceed the budget if not constantly monitored. Finding the perfect granite requires trips all over the Chicagoland area. The cabinets get installed and they do not look like the color ordered. The faucet needs adjustment after the project is complete and no one will come out to service it. There are many decisions you will make in the course of a project, but none is more important than selecting the right builder. The right builder will bring a team of professionals together with a smooth process that makes your experience a positive one. We have decades of experience and continually refine our approach, so that we can consistently deliver a first-rate customer experience.

Project Designers

Our professional in-house designers coordinate all aspects of your project to ensure your satisfaction in the overall design and final budget. This ensures that materials, colors, surfaces and finishes will work together to make your vision a reality. They work behind the scenes to create the look and feel you are seeking and save you many hours and many miles of travel in selecting just the right elements. Our designers provide a complete vision of your space by using computer-generated drawings and a detailed material binder that is approved prior to construction.

Accurate Budgeting Approach

We are constantly bidding and costing-out jobs and as a result, have very up to date information. When we estimate a project, you can be sure the figures are current, realistic and reflect the best prices available for quality goods and services.

Project Management Team

Our reliable project management team assures your construction project runs smoothly and efficiently. These experienced construction professionals provide a written construction schedule that is constantly monitored and updated by our project management team. One of our owners will personally visit and inspect your project. This means your project is visible and important to us regardless of size.

Permitting Management

We manage all steps of the permitting and inspection process. In addition to the local village inspections, our own inspection team conducts an extensive review of your project before we will approve the completion of your job.

Labor and Product Warranties

We provide extensive labor and product warranties to further instill long-term confidence.